You've gotta work out to work it!

You’ve gotta work out to work it!

These days with all of the distractions and alternatives it is exceptionally easy to pass up on exercise.  The truth is for me, my personal exercise time is hard coded in my calendar and not a whole lot can make me deviate from my routine.  If you know me at all, you know this to be a hard truth.
Most people just tend to focus on the physical benefits of exercise; lower blood pressure, a healthier heart, washboard abs (I haven’t personally found this benefit yet).  After a work out or a run I always feel great afterward.  But what most people don’t associate with exercise is the mental benefit that can be attributed to it.  We think differently when we have been exercising regularly.  Not only that, we perform better, concentrate better, learn and remember better, we are more creative and exercise also reduces daily stress.  For myself, it became more evident to me that the small interruption from the day to day rigamarole mentally refreshes my mind and in turn I have had some great business ideas within these 1-2 hour time slots where I schedule my exercise.
In my profession, I am continually making new relationships and maintaining the existing ones I have made, regular exercise has been a big factor in keeping me as approachable and as witty as can be! 🙂  My regular exercise routine is a major attribute in my maximum performance all around, I push myself harder, set my goals higher and work to get there with clear focus and invigorated drive.
So, what is preventing you from exercising?  Is it time?  Is it money?  Is it work?  Or is it all of the above?  No matter what it may be, making one little tweak in the way you view exercise may be the answer.   Instead of looking at exercise as something we do for ourselves, an indulgence that takes us away from our work; maybe we should consider it as part of our work!  Or better yet, perhaps we need to consider it as a personal investment in yourself and your own well being.
Regardless of how you incorporate exercise into your daily routine, the important part is to incorporate it into your routine.  And remember this, you aren’t abandoning work or life to exercise, you are just fine tuning yourself in order to work in your work better and live in your life healthier!
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