S. Gregg

I met Kaitlin when I first moved to Regina and she was able to assist me in looking for temporary accommodations. We had a discussion about real estate at that time and I was impressed with the insight she provided about the market and neighborhood. 2 years later I looked for a home and I knew exactly who I was going to turn to. Kaitlin has a non-aggressive style that supports the buying process but doesn't force it. She gives great feedback on properties and pricing and offers insight many would miss around value and long-term considerations. Once I decided on a home Kaitlin was a great asset in helping land on a price. I had the info to make an informed decision and worked with me to finalize the offer. Once that was done, she essentially took care of everything. She booked inspections, looked into quotes around anything I asked, and communicated everything very well. Not originally from Regina I needed a person with a strong network to look after all my needs around purchase and Kaitlin definitely delivered.