Fang Lu and Wes Kosteroski

"Peter is a true professional in his industry. Working with him was a pleasure. Peter set a very straight forward plan of action for the listing, as far as marketing, open house scheduling and a plan of when we would make moves relative to the market and what level of interest is being displayed on our home. This set our expectations going forward, which was very important to us. As time went forward it did not matter what questions we had, when we ask them or how obscure they were, Peter had a well thought out, patient answer for us every time. His personality and demeanor is suited perfectly for what he does everyday. He can take any situation, no matter how stressful, and turn it into a positive. He uses his expertise and poise, along with a great mix of humor to communicate in a fashion that I am sure would be appreciated by any client. I highly recommend Peter for anyone reading this, you won't be disappointed."