Del Mar Family

Peter Fourlas was very professional, very knowledgeable on what he is doing, have lots of contacts, (we didn't have to worry about finding a lawyer, mortgage broker, etc) he is flexible with appointment and willing to go anywhere to meet clients. I highly appreciate all his hard work for helping us get that house in such a short period of time. Compared to the other person that we have met during the process of buying that property, I would say Peter just needs to be a little bit more "chatty" about the properties that they are representing/selling. For example, explaining house specs in detail (if that is even possible), stating what he personally likes and dislikes with the house talking like he was the one to buy that property. Some buyers doesn't know what questions to ask on top of their head but would really like to know more about the property that they are buying. Other than that he did a great job! I would recommend Peter Fourlas to my other friends and relatives that are looking on buying a house because he will surely do his best to get you good deals. He is very approachable, very polite, very respectful and he will help through the process of buying a property step by step. He is very hard-working, stays late at night to finish some paper works and makes sure that things are submitted on time. He is very easy to contact and very flexible with appointments. He will try to make adjustments and negotiations with the builder depending on the needs of the buyers which I find really good considering we are a first time home buyer with very limited knowledge and resources. Thank you Peter, for being with us during this process. We really appreciate everything and we are very excited to move in when the house is done. Congratulations to all of your recent achievements! you truly deserve it. 🙂