Dawson M

This was my first time purchasing a house, in the begining I was quite worried to get into the market becasue my little knowledge of consturction/build quality. Peter put that worry to rest as soon as we saw the first house. As we walked through the houses he pointed out every little build detail (good and bad) and gave me a non bias opinion on the properties.Thereafter everytime we checked out a new house I felt that I could trust the advice he provided me. When it came time to purchase, there were a couple issues with the sewer and the roof, I asked if we would be able to negotiate the price further down and he managed to get it done. He fought hard for me throught out the whole closing proccess. Even after we closed he went went above and beyond by gifitng me with a house warming basket, which was much needed. Couldn't have asked for a better perosn to start my Investment journey with!