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Saskatchewan reported 776 sales in January, a year-over-year gain of 24 per cent and nearly 18 per cent above long-term, 10-year averages. The seventh consecutive month of above-average sales in the province was primarily driven by strong detached home sales in January.

Strong monthly sales were met with declining new listings, resulting in 4,562 available units in inventory in January, the lowest level reported in January since 2010.

Inventory levels declined by 18 per cent year-over-year and remain over 36 per cent below long-term, 10-year trends. As seen in prior months, much of the inventory decline was driven by homes priced below $400,000, a segment of the market that remains extremely competitive. Alternatively, properties priced above $600,000 experienced inventory relief in January, though more was needed to offset the declines in lower price ranges.

“Higher lending rates have driven many purchasers to seek out more affordable products, resulting in further inventory declines in the more affordable segment of our market,” noted Association CEO, Chris Guérette. “January failed to bring new listing relief to this area of our market, and prospective buyers can continue to expect tight market conditions when searching for more affordable properties.”

Prices rose across all property types on a year-over-year basis in January, with the most significant gains occurring in row/townhouse-style properties. Saskatchewan reported a provincial benchmark price of $319,600 in January, up from $319,300 in December and nearly 1 per cent higher than January 2023.

“While real estate is local and market conditions vary based on property type, price range, and location – our biggest concern is the lack of inventory across many markets in our province,” said Guérette. “Despite persistent inventory challenges, the predicted easing of lending rates and favourable economic conditions should continue to support stable demand for home ownership in Saskatchewan.”


City of Regina

The City of Regina reported 179 sales in January, a year-over-year gain of over 35 percent and 25 percent above long-term trends.