Settling into an Empty Nest

Settling into an Empty Nest

Bedroom Redecorating Tips for Empty Nesters

So the kids have moved out, and you’re left with at least one vacant bedroom. Some couples will choose this moment to downsize, transitioning to a smaller home. Some will choose to stay in the family home indefinitely. If you’re in the latter group, you may be wondering what to do with your empty nest. In this post, we’ll give you an array of ideas for transforming your newly-empty bedrooms into charming fixtures in your interior living space!

Guest Room

Your children will probably have filled their rooms with their own personalities – photos, posters, art projects, sports trophies and medals – but when it’s time to change over these spaces, you’ll want to shoot for a more tranquil, less-personalized space for guests. If you’ve got an en-suite bedroom to refit into a guest bedroom, so much the better – your visitors will appreciate the added privacy and space offered by their own bathroom. On that note, if you have multiple bedrooms, it’s best to choose the one farthest from the center of the house, so that guests can enjoy extra privacy and quiet. When decorating the guest room, it’s best to stick with a light, neutral palette – guests will also appreciate a stand for luggage and may be especially glad to see a small desk for catching up on emails.

Home Office

If you need a space to catch up on emails, another great option for a newly-empty bedroom is a home office. For many workers, a home office is no longer a luxury option. For people who telecommute and work as independent contractors and consultants, or even people who might like to take on more flexibility in their schedules with the aid of digital communication and task management software, a home office is an absolute necessity. A home office will give you the stability of a dedicated space for work that isn’t your kitchen table, including the privacy you need to handle business calls and the space you need to manage sets of important documents. If you’re looking for the perfect home office space, a room that gets a lot of early morning sunlight is your best bet. You’ll also want a room that is separate from the kitchen and any media rooms, so that you aren’t distracted during your working hours. If you’re looking for a place to store books and family files like photo albums and important papers, your home office is a great spot for consolidation.

Crafts and DIY Activities Room

Thinking about taking up a new hobby, or expanding on your longstanding love of scrapbooking, painting, or knitting? Turn your spare room into a site for inspiration, where you can craft to your heart’s content. A draftsman’s table, a spacious desk, or an easel will serve as your workstation. It’s best to be proactive when designing storage space, so you can ensure that your supplies won’t become disorganized or difficult to find. Overhead cupboards, labeled drawers and boxes, canisters for small and easily-lost ornaments like beads and wires: these will all help you keep everything in its place. If you’re a fan of antiquing, an old-fashioned library card cabinet or secretary desk is a wonderful advantage for organizing craft supplies. Vintage flour and spice canisters are another useful accessory. Child-size easels and desks are great for grandkid visits – just stock with craft paper, glitter, and poster paints.

Home Gym

Planning to make exercise part of your New Year’s resolutions? A home gym is the perfect way to make your workout routine convenient and accessible. A simple treadmill can help you burn calories in the convenience of your own home. If you’d like to start weight lifting for strength or added stability, a modest weight bench and kettlebell rack can easily be expanded over time. It’s recommended that you include a stretching area with resistance bands and a yoga mat so you can limber up before and after workouts. Including a small television or tablet stand will allow you to catch up on the latest episodes of your favorite shows while you get in shape!

Nursery or Child’s Playroom

Looking forward to some quality time with the grandkids? Why not turn your extra room into a guest room for a baby or small child? A crib, changing table, and playpen will make it the perfect place for babies and small children to spend an afternoon or a weekend when your kids visit with their families. If you’d like to make littler kids feel comfortable during a weekend or holiday visit, setting aside space for their possessions can help. A toy chest decorated with your grandkids’ names, or a small dresser or clothes rack can help kids feel at home on their first sleepover stays. An easy chair with a shelf for children’s books makes a comfy nook for bedtime reading.

As we’ve seen, there are any number of possibilities for your newly-empty rooms. Use some of these suggestions to feather your nest and build a comfortable, personalized space for the next stage in your life!

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