It Takes a Community

It Takes a Community

They say it takes a community to raise a child, and I would say the same of buying and selling a house. In my career as a REALTOR®, I’ve dealt with top-notch people and I encourage you to do business with them.


I appreciate working with a real estate agent who understands the struggle to prepare a transaction. They are patient yet respond with timeliness. Above all, they have realistic expectations on price and timeliness. Thank you to my peers for being awesome at what you do.


When buying a home, financing plays a big role in the house you’re going to buy. I refer my clients to Trent Glover and Wes Kosterosky at Powerhouse Mortgages, Skott Enns, and Rebecca Drozduik at CIBC for giving my clients good rates and even better customer service.


Whether you’re on the buying or selling side, your transaction is going to need a lawyer. Here I recommend Robert MacKay of MacKay & McLean Barristers & Solicitors, Rod Simaluk of Simaluk Law Office and Marc Kelly of Kanuka Thuringer LLP. These guys are detail-oriented and timely. I’m continually impressed by what they do.

Home Inspectors

When you’re buying, you’re going to want a home inspection to know what to expect for renovations in years to come. My go-to people for thorough service are Scott Mackay of Admiral, Ryan Spriggs of Spriggs Inspections and Tim Kelly of A Buyer’s Choice.


Finally, if there are any issues to address after the home inspection, I have a long list of tradespeople who can help you out. Need a referral? Ask me.

In my line of work, we depend on referrals to make a living and I recommend the people above because I’ve seen them treat my clients as well as they treat me. Thank you to the broader real estate community for bringing so much enjoyment to my career.

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