How To Find A Realtor in Regina

Finding a great Realtor® in Regina, Saskatchewan is necessary if you really want to get the maximum amount of money when selling your home. The problem is, how do select which Realtor to use, as there many in the marketplace. This guide is meant to give you some parameters on how to select the Realtor® in Regina when it comes to selling your home.

Fortunately for me, I have lots of experience in both up and down real estate markets. My clients love the work I put in along with being a great communicator that gets the job done. I have been one of the top performing Realtors® in Regina over the last 8 years with just under 1200 sales.

I always recommend interviewing more than one Realtor®, so make sure you have a couple agents on your list to hear what they have to say. I would kindly ask you to give me the opportunity, so add me to your list of Regina Realtors® to interview. Above all else use the information here to select the best Regina real estate agent to get the job done.

If you are outside of Regina and need real estate services, I cover real estate in numerous Regina SK communities. Below you will find some of our best advice for choosing and exceptional real estate agent.

Finding a Realtor in Regina SK

Finding a Realtor® in Regina SK

Asking the right interview questions – You have to ask questions of potential candidates if you really want to get a good Realtor® that you can depend on. There is no way around conducting at least a small interview if selling your home is important to you. Asking the right questions is not terribly difficult, though, as long as you know what they are.

1. Do you have references?
If the Realtor has been working in the industry for even a short length of time, he or she should have at least a reference or two that you can talk to. Hopefully, the Realtor® will have several. You need to be able to talk to satisfied clients to determine if the professional in question is actually good at selling houses. These references should be fairly recent and should give positive reviews on the Realtor’s ® services.

Make sure to ask these references about the price they listed the home for and the price it actually sold for. You should also ask them how easy the realtor was to get a hold of by phone or email to answer questions that came up. Lastly, ask how enjoyable the Realtor was to work with – you could be spending several months with this person, so make sure his or her company is bearable.

2. What do you do to market a home?

There are a number of different marketing channels that a real estate agent can utilize to get your house out there to potential buyers. Many of the tried and true channels are still viable today – including open houses, a sign in your yard and putting your home up on listing services. However, there are other channels that are relatively new, like internet based marketing using social media and real estate websites. With more than 90% of buyers finding their homes online these days, you cannot afford to note use online marketing, when selling your home in Regina.

The real estate agent that markets your home should also be providing exceptional photography as this will be the first impression a potential buyer takes away on your property.

3. What are your selling statistics?

This is one of the most important questions you can ask. You want to know what the hard numbers are so you can accurately gauge the Realtor’s ability. A Realtors® track record is everything in real estate. Not only do you want to know how many homes the Realtor has sold, you want to know this number over a specific time frame – such as in the last year.

More recent work is the most relevant to your situation – demonstrating the Realtor’s® abilities in the present market. Ask how many homes they listed did not sell, what their list price to sale ratio is and what the average days on the market are. Knowing his or her recent sales stats, especially how the actual sale prices related to the original listing price, is crucial.

Hire a real estate agent that has a good track record for selling homes close to what the home was listed for. This shows that they truly have a good grasp on the market and not giving you an inflated list price to get your business, only to come to you 30 days later to reduce your price. Look at the comparative market sales data through the eyes of a buyer. After all the buyer will ultimately determine what your home should fetch on the open market.

4. Does your website rank in competitive local area real estate searches?

Firstly, your agent should have a website. However, it is not enough to just have a website. If people Google “homes for sale in Regina Saskatchewan” or “Regina Realtor®” ideally your agent’s website should be in the first two pages of search results. Like any internet searcher, buyers are most likely to click on the first search results they see. If your agent’s site is not on that first page – or at least the second – chances are nobody will even see it.

5. How do you stay in touch with me, provide feedback on showings, etc?

There is nothing worse than having a real estate agent who doesn’t keep in touch. The sale of your home is a very, very big deal for you, and it should be the same for your Realtor®. You don’t want someone who doesn’t return phone calls or keep in communication with you. The Realtor® you pick should be able to confidently state how he or she keeps in touch. Does the realtor work alone? Does he or she have an assistant? Does he or she have a communication plan that includes contacting you periodically or at specific times?

These are all very important things you want to find out when you are interviewing a Regina Saskatchewan Realtor®. These questions will help you determine whether you will be working with a great agent and represent you well in your transaction. Dissatisfaction can be avoided if you ask the right questions.

If you are looking for a Realtor® anywhere in the Regina area give me a call for an interview. Are you thinking of selling your home? I have a passion for Real Estate and love to share my marketing expertise!

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