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What to Expect When Your REALTOR® is Expecting

My wife, Alex, is due to have a baby on August 25th but really it’s feeling like any day now. I put in long hours as a real estate agent – usually 9 to 10 hour days – and I accommodate my clients morning, afternoon and evening. For me to be there for my new daughter’s birth, something has to give but I will not hang my clients out to dry. Here’s the plan:

1.       I will continue business as usual for as long as I can. There is no point in dropping everything until there’s something happening. And even there, if you have never been through it before, labour and delivery can sometimes mean a lot of waiting around. If I can, I will respond to your texts and emails.

2.       I have a respected colleague on call to help me out. Real estate transactions can be like labour and delivery – sometimes it’s a slow methodical process but other times swift and decisive action is necessary. In the latter case, call Kyla Dean at 306-737-2022.

3.       I will make the best use of my time. I have two strengths – helping people buy and sell homes, and being a dad. I have realized that the two to three hours I spend daily on the administration side my work is better handled by someone else; I am hiring an assistant.

With a little planning, all is manageable. I look forward to serving you in real estate. I am also excited to introduce you to my new daughter and the rest of my family.

Peter Fourlas – Regina Realtor®
Real Estate Agency
3889 Arcola Ave, Regina, SK S4V 1P5
Phone: (306) 529-0009

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