Selling a Home in Regina

His Way, My Way!

As I was just getting into the Regina Real Estate business, an old mentor told me, “I always try to do every transaction HIS way.” I didn’t understand at first.

“His way?” I asked.

He explained, “H.I.S. way means you approach every deal with Honesty, Integrity, and Sincerity.”

This should probably be a no-brainer, but it isn’t always the case in real estate. So not only do I follow these three principles at all times, I try to take them to the next level. Whether I’m working for the buyer or seller, I always try to be candid.

When I am acting for a potential buyer, this honesty takes the form of being upfront with my clients about a home’s faults, even at the risk of a sale. If I can’t see someone in a home, I let them know right away. Clients usually appreciate that I don’t waste their time trying to pressure them into something that’s not right for them.

I often apologize in advance for my brutal honesty when I am working for the seller because it can be a thankless task to be blunt when we sit down to determine an asking price. Owners usually have an emotional attachment to their homes. I have lost clients when I’ve been forced to tell them their homes are worth less than they were hoping, but I’ve also had many clients tell me that my honesty up front has saved them the heartbreak of having to draw out the selling process or even lower the price later on.

It is this kind of honesty that lets me sleep at night, but it’s also crucial in a business like real estate. The bulk of my business comes from referrals and word of mouth, so I’m staking my reputation every time I meet with a new client. So no matter which way the winds of the market are blowing, I’m going to keep buying and selling homes for my clients using H.I.S. way.

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